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2020-2021 Blackman Wrestling Club

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Blackman Wrestling Club

The Blackman Wrestling Club is dedicated to promoting and encouraging the sport of wrestling in the Blackman community by providing opportunities for young athletes to get introduced and compete in the sport of wrestling.  The goal is to always be a top program within our great state.  Youth wrestling is an excellent sport to introduce to young athletes who are looking for ways to enhance their athletic abilities and participate in a sport that does not require inherent special skills or talents.

The Blackman Wrestling Club strives to do more than just create good wrestlers.  We are committed to helping our youth athletes become better young men and women and helping them to build character, self-control, physical health, sportsmanship, self-confidence, self-esteem, discipline, persistence, community service and hard work  –  through wrestling.

No matter what age or size, youth wrestlers will have competition with other kids of similar age and size.

How it works:

Our youth wrestling season usually runs from the end of October (when first practices begin) and for some athletes, through the beginning of March(AAU State Tournament).  There are two sides to our season that are important to understand: Middle School Dual Season and AAU Individual Season.

The Blackman Wrestling Club is a part of the Central Tennessee Wrestling Conference (CTWC).  Our club competes in dual meets at the middle school level with other clubs from around the mid-state.  A dual meet is a contest between two teams in which there are 15 matches; one from each weight class.  After wrestling a schedule of duals, the conference holds a final Dual Meet Championship in December to decide who has the best team.  Last year the best team was Blackman!!  After Middle School Dual season ends, wrestlers can choose to participate in individual tournaments if they want to continue their season.

While middle school dual season is going on, everyone has the option to preparing for AAU and other Individual tournaments.  These tournaments are the heartbeat of the wrestling season and shouldn’t be missed!  Tournaments are usually held every weekend (or every other weekend) and the individuals are the sole focus.  Winning gold medals is not easy but nothing worth doing is.  The individual season ends with the TNAAU State Tournament at the beginning of March.

2020-2021 Award Winners

Tots Age Division:

  • MOST IMPROVED - Atlas Crocket
  • WORKHORSE AWARD - Averlynn Richardson
  • COACHES AWARD - Averylynn Richardson
  •  MOST OUTSTANDING - Dixie Beasley
  • IRONMAN AWARD - Dixie Beasley
  •  MOST PINS - Dixie Beasley
  • LONGEST WIN STREAK - Dixie Beasley

Bantam Age Group

  • MOST IMPROVED - Noah Barbier
  • WORKHORSE AWARD - Joshua Hughey
  •  MOST OUTSTANDING - Channing Smith
  •  IRONMAN AWARD - Channing Smith
  •  MOST PINS - Channing Smith
  •  LONGEST WIN STREAK - Channing Smith
  • COACHES AWARD - Parker Phelps
  • NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR - Karter Brandt
  • ROOKIE OF THE YEAR - Landon Sneed

    Midget Age Group
  •  MOST IMPROVED - Carter Hughes
  •  WORKHORSE AWARD - Wyatt Warner
  •  MOST OUTSTANDING - Slade Linton
  •  IRONMAN AWARD - Slade Linton
  • MOST PINS - Slade Linton
  •  LONGEST WIN STREAK - Slade Linton
  • COACHES AWARD - Ryley Correll
  • ROOKIE OF THE YEAR - Alyanna Bradley

Junior Age Group

  •  MOST IMPROVED - Ethyn Saller
  •  WORK HORSE AWARD - Henry Baker
  •  MOST OUTSTANDING - Drew Workman
  •  IRONMAN AWARD - Drew Workman
  • MOST PINS - Drew Workman
  •  LONGEST WIN STREAK - Drew Workman
  • COACHES AWARD - Grady Phelps
  • ROOKIE OF THE YEAR - Vance Pruett
  • NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR - Lando Smith

Middle School Age Group

  • MOST IMPROVED - Jerison Daniel
  • WORKHORSE AWARD - Tyson Spink
  • MOST OUTSTANDING - Landon Franklin
  • IRONMAN AWARD - Isaiah Thephavong
  • MOST PINS - Isaiah Thephavong
  • LONGEST WIN STREAK - Landon Franklin
  • COACHES AWARD - David Bradford
  • ROOKIE OF THE YEAR - Tre Scott
  • NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR - Isaiah Thephavong



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