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How it Works

Blackman Wrestling Club

Blackman Wrestling Club

How it works


The Blackman Wrestling Club is dedicated to promoting and encouraging the sport of wrestling in the Blackman community by providing opportunities for young athletes to get introduced and compete in the sport of wrestling.  The goal is to always be a top program within our great state.  Youth wrestling is an excellent sport to introduce to young athletes who are looking for ways to enhance their athletic abilities and participate in a sport that does not require inherent special skills or talents.

The Blackman Wrestling Club strives to do more than just create good wrestlers.  We are committed to helping our youth athletes become better young men and women and helping them to build character, self-control, physical health, sportsmanship, self-confidence, self-esteem, discipline, persistence, community service and hard work  –  through wrestling.

No matter what age or size, youth wrestlers will have competition with other kids of similar age and size.

How it works:

Our youth wrestling season usually runs from the end of October (when first practices begin) and for some athletes, through the beginning of March(AAU State Tournament).   

Club season focuses mostly Individual tournaments.  These tournaments are the heartbeat of the wrestling season and shouldn’t be missed!  Tournaments are usually held every weekend (or every other weekend) and the individuals are the sole focus.  Winning gold medals is not easy but nothing worth doing is.  Always remember, focus on the process and not the result. Blackman Wrestling Club strives to provide each of its wrestlers the training and guidance to succeed at the high school level and beyond. Some will find success early on in their wrestling journey, whereas others will find it in their high school years, but so long as they trust the process, they will find success. 

The individual season ends with the TNAAU State Championship held at the beginning of March. To qualify for the State Championship tournament, wrestlers must place in the top 4 of their age/weight group at the TNAAU Region 3 Championship held in February. The State Championship will award medals to the top 6 wrestlers in each of its divisions/weights. 

In addition to the individual tournaments, Blackman Wrestling Club participates in several Dual (team) tournaments, placing two line-ups into up to 4 Dual tournaments within the AAU Season (Smoky Mountain Duals in Gatlinburg, Music City Duals in Franklin, Inferno Duals in Murfreesboro, and the Intergalactic Duals in Murfreesboro as well). A dual is structured as follows; each team/club places one wrestler into each of the specified weight classes for that tournament. Usually starting at the lightest weight, both teams will send out their wrestler for a match at that weight. The outcome of the match at each weight adds to the overall team score. For example; a pin is worth 6 points to the team score, a tech fall (a 15 point lead in the match that stops the match) is worth 5 points to the team, a major decision (winning the match by 8-14 points after three periods) is worth 4 points to the team, and a decision (winning the match by 7 points or less after three periods) is worth 3 points to the team. After wrestling each of the specified weights for that event, whichever team has the most team points is declared the winner. Dual matches become the heart of the Middle School and High School seasons and are exciting to be a part of.